Meet Teria

Online Business Manager & Assistant 

With a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Administration and 15 plus years of experience working in customer service, management, administration, sales, and marketing. I build relationships, develop strategies, manage, and improve business operations to minimize costs in their business.


I am quality-driven and provide management and administrative services to every business and entrepreneur in any industry in any location.


To streamline tasks and workflow for busy business owners and entrepreneurs.

Core Values

  • I develop relationships and promote teamwork with my clients.

  • I believe that HONESTY, RESPECT, CONFIDENTIALITY, and INTEGRITY are important keys for business and our clients.

  • I strive to provide a QUALITY service that is UNSURPASSED so that premium value is delivered to our customers.

In a competitive market, your growing business needs support. I provide full-service management and administrative services, offering top-quality services. My skills drive productivity no matter what industry you’re in.


 Contact me today to learn more about how we can work together.